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Merlin Fall Arrest Block (Stainless Steel)

The UB100 Merlin Fall Arrest Block 10m (32ft) standard Fall Arrest Block is with the option of Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel cable.  The 10m (32ft) Block is the first in a new range of Merlin FABs.  The Merlin Blocks have cast Aluminium housings for increased durability in all sorts of environments but at just 4.2kg/8.8lb we think the UB100 has the best performance to weight ratio in the world!

The UB100 Merlin has an offset anchor attachment hole, designed to relieve stress on the cable and exit guide by positioning the block in such a way that keeps the working line free from bending during use.  The UB100 Merlin Block is fitted with a swiveling exit guide bush, which helps to prevent cable wear as the cable is extracted and retracted.

The UB100 Merlin is available with a choice of fall-indicating, swivel Karabiner or Snaphook.  When a fall occurs, a red indicator collar is exposed above the Karabiner/Snaphook swivel eye, to identify that a fall has taken place.

(WLL) Working Load Limit (kg) 140
(WLL) Working Load Limit (lbs) 310
Line type Cable
Colour Black
May be serviced Yes